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Emage Workshop has been crafting for over ten years and is highly equipped with the skills-development and discipline required to mesh the open-ended, unstructured artistic process on the one hand, with the goal-orientated, structured process of craft-making on the other.

Emage Workshop takes conventional, acceptable forms of products such as books, dinner plates, cups, canvas clocks and beautifully blends these with hand-craft techniques using designs which shave the border with genuine fine art, solely, albeit subtle and understated.

Recycled material, wood, sand, stones, shells and feather add the unique touches of truly wild and natural Namibia to the products.  Tanya Schemmer, the founder of Emage Workshop draws her inspiration from nature and aims to present visitors to the Namibia Craft Centre stall with portable products encapsulating the haunting beauty of Namibian landscapes and the ephemeral essence of wildlife.

The visitor to Emage Workshop has enough cause to pause and ponder upon an array of products which have significance beyond their conventional uses.

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40 Tal Street, Windhoek


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