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For the past twenty years, the Omba Trust has worked closely with the Ju/Hoansi community in Namibia to foster a sustainable development model to integrate the rare skills of the Ju/Hoansi into the mainstream economy.

The Ju/Hoansi is a San tribal community in rural Namibia, confined in large part to but a small section of their previous hunter-food-gathering landscape. With the guidance and support of Omba Arts Trust, community members fashion beautifully intricate jewellery from ostrich egg shells and create very rare pieces of art, often used as inspiration for a unique range of fabric prints also available from the Trust.

In addition, Omba has for the longest time engaged skilled and talented basket weavers from various parts of Namibia to produce a range of decorative and highly sought-after baskets; a standard feature in most Namibian homes representing an abstraction of symbols relating to wealth and fertility, in particular. The baskets are for the most part the natural colour of palm leaves, decorated with modern material or stunning patterns perfectly complimentary to their circular designs.

For truly rare jewellery, art, fabric and baskets with an age old indigenous history, the Omba Arts Trust stall at the Namibia Crafts Centre is the ideal place to visit.

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